Large US Federal Agency


This government agency plays a critical function within the federal government. The agency employs 20,000 employees and contractors across dozens of different departments. When it comes to software and license management, this agency is a very siloed organization, with each department purchasing and managing its own software. This became very difficult to manage license compliance and left them at large financial risk. 


Solution Provided

Oracle License Management Services


Primary objective

  • Better understand their current licenses

  • Discover exactly where Oracle software and hardware was located

  • Manage their Oracle compliance position

  • Reduce and contain the growing costs of their Oracle investments

Solution Highlights

  • Completed reconciliation of client’s license entitlements and deployments, identifying. savings opportunities and areas with potential compliance exposure

  • Identified software that the agency was paying for but wasn’t using. 

  • Helped educate the entire agency on Oracle so each department could make smarter software investment decisions

  • Specific recommendations on how to make the systems more consolidated and cost efficient for each department and project


Annual Support Savings: $2.5M USD


Value of under-utilized products to the Agency: $2.0M USD


Areas of license risk Identified: $4.0M USD


Comprehensive understanding of all Oracle assets and usage, by agency and department


Clear path to optimize Oracle software expenditure and mitigate areas of potential license risk  

Other Success Stories​
Cost Avoidance: $10.5M over 3 years
Identified $1.5M in maintenance savings
Five Year Support Savings over $1.75M
Annual Support Savings of $3M

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