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The Oracle ecosystem is extremely complex and it can be confusing to keep straight all the different Oracle representatives that reach out to your company.

This blog will explore the Oracle ecosystem and provide recommendations for navigating the many Oracle representa...

Oracle’s suite of software and IT solutions are the backbone for many organizations, often encompassing many different departments and decision makers. Because of the breadth and complexity of Oracle’s solutions, its licensing is quite complicated.

In fact, many compani...

We were shocked to learn Thomas Kurian is leaving Oracle. Thomas Kurian has been the main product development guy at Oracle for 22 years. He climbed the ranks from an individual contributor on the product development team to RUNNING the product development team consist...

September 1, 2018

In our March blog we broke down the Oracle Cloud offering so that the average IT person, who doesn’t deal with Oracle day in and day out,can understand the different cloud offerings. As an off-shoot of that last blog, this month we wanted to expand on one type of term...

Oracle’s Q4 finished on May 31st.  How did you and your company come out of it? Unscathed? Beat Up? Tired of talking to Oracle? Or for some of you, are the conversations still dragging on? The one thing that will never change about Oracle, is that they are relentless i...

As many of you know, Oracle’s year-end falls on May 31st.  But, many of you may not know that Oracle does a huge chunk of its annual sales revenues in Q4 and about 70% of that in May alone!  Therefore, you can imagine the enormous pressure on Oracle sales executives wh...

Oracle’s end of year is approaching this May, which means very likely the bulk of your Oracle support contracts are also coming up for renewal.  In this blog we are going to talk about one of your most likely largest IT expenses, your Oracle annual maintenance bill!  T...

What is the Oracle Cloud?

You probably have been hearing A LOT about Oracle Cloud over the past few years.  From your Oracle sales representatives reaching out to tell you about the latest cloud offering to everything in the Oracle news - which only talks about Cloud!...

January 2, 2018

Your organization spends hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars each year on your Oracle software, so it is critical to manage that investment to avoid additional, preventable costs. If you don’t understand your Oracle licensing and usage, your company could...

Oracle recently held their largest annual conference, Oracle OpenWorld 2017 (OOW), where they shared industry trends, Oracle product updates and Cloud-based strategies for growth. Tens of thousands descended on San Francisco for the 5-day conference, including Olitech’...

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