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Cloud Migration Assessment

Are you considering moving your Oracle footprint to the cloud?

Oracle has complex licensing policies in general and particularly regarding cloud deployments.  Moving Oracle to the cloud (whether it’s Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle SaaS, AWS, Azure, etc.)  has significant technical and licensing implications which must be seriously considered by your organization prior to making a move to cloud.

Cloud migration assessment

This area is where the benefit of having access to Olitech’s Licensing AND Technical teams becomes even more valuable.

Our team helps you weigh all the options, evaluate pros and cons, and provides the analytics to determine the most cost effective and technically viable Oracle cloud strategy for your organization. We consider your current Oracle footprint, current Oracle support costs, and future architecture to work with you on the best Oracle licensing strategy in the cloud. 

Success Stories

Olitech has a proven history of success in helping Fortune 500 companies, federal, state, and local governments optimize their Oracle licenses, reduce their IT costs and identify/mitigate risks when it comes to Oracle.  Olitech has first-hand experience navigating large and complex contract negotiations, license compliance reviews/audits, and securing best-in-market pricing, terms, and conditions.

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