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Oracle License Management

An investment in Oracle is a great business decision. However, the licensing process can often be costly and confusing. 

Olitech uses a holistic approach to uncovering savings embedded in Oracle’s intricate pricing methodologies and licensing structures. We partner with clients to identify the highest-value savings opportunities and address their most critical challenges when it comes to Oracle.

Our Oracle License Management Services can be provided on a project basis or an annual subscription model depending on the needs of our clients.  Olitech’s Oracle License Management Services follows a proven 3-phase methodology:

Phase 1

Oracle License Review​

  • Contract and Entitlement Analysis

  • Utilization and Deployment Analysis

  • Results in an Oracle License Position (OLP)   

Phase 2

Risk Assessment & Cost Optimization​

  • Risk Assessment

  • Support Optimization

  • Architecture Optimization

  • Cost Reduction Analysis  

Phase 3

Future License Strategy

  • License Re-Balancing and/or Purchase

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Support Contract Executions

  • Infrastructure Executions

  • Oracle Communication Strategy  

Oracle license management meeting

Oracle License Management - Annual Subscription

For many clients, Olitech becomes an extension of their team. They rely on us to provide Oracle related knowledge and advice throughout the year. In this capacity, Olitech provides on-going Oracle License Management on an annual subscription basis.  Our subscription models include the following services:

  • Annual Oracle License Reviews

  • Continuous Risk Assessment & Cost Optimization Planning

  • Oracle Contract Negotiation Support

  • Oracle Communications Advisory

  • Support Contract Renewal Management

  • Quarterly Checkpoints

  • Oracle License Q&A Support

  • Audit Support (Premium Subscription)

Success Stories

Olitech has a proven history of success in helping Fortune 500 companies, federal, state, and local governments optimize their Oracle licenses, reduce their IT costs and identify/mitigate risks when it comes to Oracle.  Olitech has first-hand experience navigating large and complex contract negotiations, license compliance reviews/audits, and securing best-in-market pricing, terms, and conditions.

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