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Oracle Audit Support

Unexpected audits can be devastating to companies in terms of time, manpower and costs.

Olitech ensures you're prepared for these unexpected audits, while helping you find Oracle software savings today and in the future.


If you are undergoing an Oracle audit, Olitech ensures you won't overpay and are licensed correctly. Olitech customers typically pay 90% less to Oracle when they engage Olitech during an audit versus facing it alone.

Saving money in a piggy bank

Over the years, we’ve successfully led a wide range of clients through their audits, which has resulted in fewer penalties and more cost savings.  We have helped our clients:

  • Understand Oracle’s licensing, contract, and audit policies.

  • Become a smart negotiator when it comes to Oracle contracts and auditing practices.

  • Streamline internal processes so they are always prepared for an audit

  • Validate Oracle’s audit findings to ensure the accuracy of the conclusions in the report.

  • Provide negotiation support in order to negotiate the most favorable outcome of the audit.

Success Stories

Olitech has a proven history of success in helping Fortune 500 companies, federal, state, and local governments optimize their Oracle licenses, reduce their IT costs and identify/mitigate risks when it comes to Oracle.  Olitech has first-hand experience navigating large and complex contract negotiations, license compliance reviews/audits, and securing best-in-market pricing, terms, and conditions.

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