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Global Fortune 500 Technology Company


$50 Billion+ Global Fortune 500 Technology company was migrating from Oracle to an SAP environment over a 36-month period. 


Solution Provided

Oracle License Management Services


Primary objective

Reduce Oracle software maintenance costs by aligning licenses/maintenance with actual usage and removing maintenance when no longer needed while staying in compliance. ​

Solution Highlights

  • Completed reconciliation of client’s license entitlements and deployments periodically over the course of 36 months, identifying savings opportunities and areas with potential compliance exposure.

  • Aligned the migration plan with existing contract structure to identify gaps.

  • Developed options to remediate/mitigate any long and short gaps in license coverage.

  • Executed the strategy by managing renewals and cancellation of maintenance agreements on behalf of client.​


Drove the execution of a multi-year phased support optimization plan including the removal and manipulation of licenses/maintenance while maintaining compliance for actual product usage. 

Annual Support Savings of $3M.  

Other Success Stories​
AdobeStock_229186935 (1).jpg
Cost Avoidance of $5M
Areas of license risk Identified: $4M
Cost Avoidance: $10.5M over 3 years
Identified $1.5M in maintenance savings
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