Global Financial Services Company


This Financial Services business is one of the top in its industry, with 50 worldwide offices, 2,500 employees, and over $1 Billion in revenue. The company experienced growth over the past decade, increasing their Oracle footprint to meet the growing need.  A change in executive management sparked a restructuring of the budget. Oracle licensing fees were identified as an item that needed major re-evaluation.


Solution Provided

Oracle License Management Services


Primary objective

Help the client contain current Oracle licensing expenditures and reduce future costs.

Solution Highlights

  • Completed reconciliation of client’s license entitlements and deployments, identifying savings opportunities and areas with potential compliance exposure.

  • Developed options to remediate/mitigate any long and short gaps in license coverage.

  • Provided optimal Oracle licensing strategy

  • Assisted with executing support renewals changes and cancellations.


First Year Support Savings of $350,000 USD

Five Year Support Savings over $1,750,000 USD

Cost Avoidance of $4,000,000 USD

Comprehensive understanding of all Oracle assets and usage

Clear path to optimize Oracle software expenditure and mitigate any areas of potential risk  

Other Success Stories​
Annual Support Savings of $3M
Cost Avoidance of $5M
Areas of license risk Identified: $4M
Cost Avoidance: $10.5M over 3 years

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