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Local Government


This local government employs thousands of employees and contractors across multiple different agencies. The client’s complex Oracle environment was decentralized and spanned across multiple agencies and departments.  They struggled to manage its Oracle license position and compliance.  In addition, this local government was tasked with reducing IT costs and Oracle was a target for reduction. 


Solution Provided

Oracle License Management Services


Primary objective

Client desired centralized management and purchasing strategy of its Oracle portfolio and to manage overall cost and compliance. 

Solution Highlights

  • Aggregated and developed a single view of Oracle contracts, modules and purchased seats across the agencies.

  • Completed analysis of client’s Oracle deployments and reconciled against Oracle ULA entitlements.

  • Identified critical areas of risk and financial exposure.

  • Identified areas of saving and added value.

  • Became entrenched in the client's Oracle asset management, becoming value added member of the IT, Vendor Management, SAM, and Procurement teams.


Identified compliance risk across multiple environments, developing mitigation plans and action resulting in the alleviation of millions of dollars of financial exposure. 


Identified $1.5M in annual maintenance savings though support contract optimization analysis.


Provided constructs to centrally manage Oracle licensing thus providing the client with improved negotiation strength.


Provided framework and methods to more closely monitor compliance.

Other Success Stories​
Five Year Support Savings over $1.75M
Annual Support Savings of $3M
AdobeStock_229186935 (1).jpg
Cost Avoidance of $5M
Areas of license risk Identified: $4M
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