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Financial Services Brokerage Company


This Financial Services firm was in an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement, which was expiring. They had renewed their ULA three times prior and their Oracle costs continued to skyrocket. 


Solution Provided

Oracle ULA Management Services


Primary objective

Help the client determine whether they should renew or certify their ULA and put them on a path to contain and reduce their growing Oracle costs.

Solution Highlights

  • Completed analysis of client’s Oracle deployments and reconciled against Oracle ULA entitlements.

  • Identified critical areas of risk and financial exposure.

  • Identified areas of saving and added value.

  • Provided detailed analytics from a technical and financial perspective regarding’s client’s ULA Options. 

  • Guided Executive Management on optimal licensing strategy that would get the most value out of the ULA for client.


Multi-Year Oracle licensing & support strategy that resulted in:

  • Cost Avoidance: $10,500,000 USD over three years.

  • 2nd Year Support Savings of $3,500,000 USD

Other Success Stories​
Identified $1.5M in maintenance savings
Five Year Support Savings over $1.75M
Annual Support Savings of $3M
AdobeStock_229186935 (1).jpg
Cost Avoidance of $5M
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