Oracle License Management Services

Oracle License Optimization Services


An investment in Oracle is a great business decision. However, the licensing process can often be costly and confusing. Our staff has decades of experience working on both sides of the Oracle negotiating table. We can save you both time and money, and make sure you are getting the most out of your Oracle solutions.

Phase 1:
Oracle Compliance Snapshot


  • Contract and Entitlement Analysis

  • Utilization and Deployment Analysis

  • Results in a Compliance Snapshot

Phase 2:
Oracle Cost Optimization


  • Support optimization

  • Infrastructure Advisory

  • Cost Reduction

  • ROI Analysis

Phase 3:
Future Oracle Strategy


  • License Re-Balancing and/or Purchase

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Support Contract Executions

  • Infrastructure Executions

  • Oracle Communication Strategy

ULA Evaluation

We will dive deep into your Oracle deployment and compare it against your current Oracle license rights. This entails detailed technical analysis of your current Oracle architecture, your Oracle contracts, and current costs.  We will perform financial analysis of undertaking a ULA (whether new or renewing), versus buying licenses as needed.



ULA Strategy

We will help your organization come up with the best, most cost effective strategy when it comes to Oracle Licensing. Whether that means renewing your current ULA, getting a new ULA, or certifying, Olitech will be there every step of the way. We ensure your executive management team has all the pertinent information needed to make the right decision for your organization.



ULA Certification & Renewal

Olitech will prepare you for the audit you'll have with Oracle when you certify. If you're renewing, we are expert Oracle negotiators and will ensure you get the best price and terms. We have a track record of negotiating 10+ million dollar deals on behalf of Oracle; we know what is negotiable and what's not. We will coach you through the  process to maximize the use of current licenses and save on future Oracle costs.  

Oracle ULA Optimization

Oracle’s Unlimited License Agreement is a very powerful license model for clients that are positioned for growth. It can also be a very costly licensing model for those clients that don’t manage their architecture, inventory, and licensing in a systematic way.

Oracle Audit Reconciliation Services

Unexpected audits can be devastating to companies in terms of time, manpower and costs. Olitech ensures you're prepared for these unexpected audits, while helping you find Oracle software savings today and in the future.


If you are undergoing an Oracle audit, Olitech ensures you won't overpay and are licensed correctly. Olitech customers typically pay 90% less to Oracle when they engage Olitech during an audit versus facing it alone.


Over the years, we’ve successfully led a wide range of clients through their audits. This results in fewer penalties and more cost savings by helping you:

  • Understand Software Asset Management (SAM), vendor licensing and contract policies

  • Become a smart negotiator when it comes to vendor contracts

  • Know what to look for in a vendor and their audit policies

  • Streamline internal processes so you are always prepared for an audit


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