Our Mission


“At Olitech, we ensure Strategy leads to effective Execution that drives Results with lasting benefits to our clients.”


We believe these three components are absolutely essential in order to successfully deliver value to our clients.


  • Strategy – in today’s dynamic markets we thrive to partner with our clients in order to gain a thorough understanding of the nature of their business.  We often begin our engagement with shared thinking and consideration of the challenges that need to be addressed.  We then work from our clients’ needs to determine key solutions and provide tailored recommendations that allows our clients to make informed and effective decisions.

  • Execution – making recommendations without ensuring the results are realized often leads to fruitless engagements.   At Olitech, we make sure that important strategic and operational decisions are quickly translated into action, effectively delivering on our strategy through solid execution.

  • Results – we are proud to create resource-driven solutions and effectively execute on key decisions to ensure our customers see REAL Results, whether that be dollars saved, efficiency improved, risk avoidance, or services/projects fulfilled faster.


244 Fifth Avenue, Suite M273

New York, NY 10001

T: (646) 583-1700
F: (646) 290-5001


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