License Education

Getting educated about Oracle and Microsoft licensing is a crucial part of working with the software. At Olitech Solutions, we have years of licensing experience and can train your entire staff via onsite knowledge trasfers, webinars and in-person training. We are flexible and willing to teach your organization in whichever way works best for you.


Olitech's educational training classes can be customized to fit the needs of your organization, however, they typically cover the following topics:

  • Understanding Oracle/Microsoft

  • Licensing Metrics

  • Database Versions

  • Database Features and Options

  • Contracts, Support

  • Oracle ULA’s

  • Microsoft ELAs

  • On-going SAM strategies

On-Site Knowlege Transfer

Olitech has extensive knowledge on Oracle licensing and provides on-site knowledge transfers through half or full day Oracle Licenses courses.  These courses can be customized to your particular interests.


To learn virtually, Olitech recommends our efficient webinar series. Our virtual Oracle License classes are a cost-effective way to learn all about Oracle without breaking the bank. 

In-Person Group Training

If you want to learn from Olitech in person but don't need an on-site knowledge transfer, Olitech offers in-person training with groups of people inside and outside of your organization.

Why Choose Olitech?


With years of experience both at Oracle and working with Oracle licensing, Olitech is the ideal candidate to teach you everything you need to know about Oracle. Get up to speed on Oracle itself, licensing strategies and learn how to plan for your future working with Oracle software with the experts from Olitech Solutions.


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